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A poem: You can try making ugly things pretty

You can try making ugly things pretty

Paint over your ugly walls

Put glitter on ugly paintings

Cover up pimples in your face so others will find you pretty.

Not everything can be made pretty so easily though.


I can’t be made pretty.

I am the ugly wall when you don’t have paint.

I am the ugly drawing when there is no glitter.

I am the ugly pimple you can’t cover up with make up.

I can’t cover myself with make up.

I am the ugly, people talk about that can’t be changed.

It breaks my confidence into pieces.


They all want me to be pretty.

Tell me I need to be pretty.

But the problem is I am not.

I tried, I tried to be pretty.

I used make up, they called me fake.

I started working out. They told me I am a loser who won’t make it.

Everything I tried I failed.

People won’t let you be pretty if you are not born skinny and popular.

You can’t change the ugly, can’t be pretty as long as you care about what others say.

They will always try to make you ugly as long as you listen.


Stop listening just be your pretty self.

Marieluis Lörner, 10a

AI (artificial intelligence) but make it Gen Z

It’s fake no cap

It feels fake

It doesn’t look fake but I know it is.

Everything is fake.

I’m sure of it.

But we don’t know what is real.

The grass isn’t real, it’s fake.

It wants to fool me.

The people are fake. They are all made of metal.

They are not really real for real.

Am I even real?

I guess I’ll never know.

You will never know.

We’re both lost in this.

Well, shit happens.

But hey, look at the bright side.

It’ll work for you.

How bad can it be if it does that?

Talk to it if you are lonely.

Maybe the world will answer.


Marieluis Lörner, 10a

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